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The Color Studio has specialized for more than 25 years in Permanent Make-up, Dermatography and more than 30 years in Color and Style advice. They are considered to be one of the best in their profession, with a very professional vision in the service of the customer.

The mission of the company is to strive for the highest quality and perfection, so that the treatment or advice is always in line with the personality of the customer, carried out with safe and adapted material.

The Color Studio is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and abroad. Every year The Color Studio is present at trade fairs.

The Color Studio imports and distributes high-quality appliances, pigments and accessories, keeping them up-to-date with the latest techniques and having extensive experience with all used materials.

In close cooperation with the producer NPM, a new type of permanent make-up device was developed. The Oron 60 is a success. With small modifications to the prototype, this device was the only one on the market that meets the requirements of The Color Studio.

We provide private training as well as training in small groups at our locations in Desselgem, Hasselt and Chaument-Gistoux.



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