GLOW Unlimited

Unlike any other.

Unleash your inner potential with our most sophisticated device ever.

The GLOW Unlimited has a 13.3″ wide HD touch screen, for bright and clear operation.

It features high-tech inspired graphic designs.



Our new GLOW Gadget series is your gateway to the international PMU industry, and your personal tool to connect to thousands of other masters, artists, professionals and doctors from all across the world.

The new GLOW Gadgets stand out from any existing PMU device by combining powerful and precise working functionalities and operational PMU hardware with  wi-fi features and a built in social network.

In your GLOW device you can create your own business or personal profile- where you can manage your clients and their history of treatments, your schedule and your stock. You can promote yourself in the industry by communicating and discussing with other professionals from across the world. You will gain access to a virtual classroom- where you can learn new techniques from world-known masters by the press of a button, and you can also upload your own videos and lessons which will be displayed on GLOWs all across the globe.

The devices are built in the strictest standards in the market and each GLOW unit contains an advanced core processor, supports two Hand-Pieces and has the ability to display dozens of different RGB LED colors for you to choose from to light up your working surface.

NPM offers a technical support team of experts available around the clock for the GLOW users- which you can contact with directly through the GLOW devices.


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