Méhn Tünde

I’ve been working with NPM products for years and I’ve been the sole distributor of the brand in Hungary for almost 4 years. This time was enough for me to be able to say that this is the best permanent make-up family I’ve been working with! They are reliable, maximum-performance machines with perfect surface and structural design to work with incredible precision. The sophisticated design of the needles and the variety of materials in the product line always fascinate me. I’ve been working with countless machines, but none of them has approached the NPM quality! The employees of NPM come up with something new and revolutionary every year. The latest permanent make-up device, NPM Glow, also faithfully reflects this. That’s why these three letters are authentic to me. We could shorten it: Nice, Perfect, Multifunctional! I receive only positive feedback both as a distributor and a domestic expert. Machines, accessories, pigments in one brand! I highly recommend it to everyone, I can’t imagine my work without it! For me the winner is NPM in 2019!

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